Finished construction unit price

Complet value complete


The above prices are exclusive of VAT. Investors will select samples for all finished materials before the construction works.

– The price quoted above applies only to one-sided house and total floor area of ​​over 250m2. (not to exceed 02 bedrooms + 02 WC on one floor)

– In order not to incur costs, the investor should choose materials with unit prices corresponding to the above detailed unit price. Investors will be refunded the difference value if the materials have lower unit price than the detailed unit price list above and vice versa will pay additional cost to the construction unit if the materials have a unit price. higher than the detailed unit price analysis.

– Trademark is for reference, the investor has the right to choose other types of supplies according to demand.

– The work items as well as the type of materials are not shown in the table above, the construction unit will add additional prices and must be approved by the Owner before construction.

– For works with other characteristics or with a total area less than 250m2, the construction unit will quote directly in the form of estimation.

– The above price shall apply from the signing date to the time of notification of new unit price.

The additional price of the raw part950.000(đ/m2)
Build walls270.000VNĐ/m2 floor
Raw materials and tile work150.000VNĐ/m2 floor
Materials and labor electricity, sound water380.000VNĐ/m2
Water paint job150.000VNĐ/m2