Unit price of construction

Unit price of construction


(Applied since 09/06/2017)

Raw price unit price according to the standard procedure of Tho Quang Phat

Townhouse: from 3.200.000d / m2

Villa, office: from: 3.500.000d / m2

Calculated on the area of ​​construction according to the coefficient



  • Construction cost may vary depending on factors such as construction area, construction scale and construction density of each building, please contact us for specific advice.
  • The construction cost applied for the construction of Tho Quang Phat Standard, including the cost of site supervision and management, the legal costs of the construction process, all the contractor’s insurance and third-party. The price is calculated on the materials listed in the list below and only for works with normal construction conditions, in the case of construction works in the alley, or in the market area, the company will apply the system. number of adverse construction conditions.
  • The price does not include reinforced concrete foundation, piles or piles, reinforced walls of the basement, scaffolds cover the whole project, geological survey costs for high-rise buildings. , cost of installing electricity meter, new water supply.



The Home Packages of the Job Packages of the People and Physics

  • Foundation excavation, foundation treatment, reinforcement, reinforced concrete, foundation pile from pressed pile / bored pile up.
  • To build underground works such as: septic tanks, underground water tanks and mud pits. Construction of reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete pouring on the spot or commercial concrete system of pulling, beams, beams, columns, floors … all floors, roof and roof. Roof tile (if any).
  • Build and standardize all the wall coverings, the walls of the room, the technical box of brick. Construction of reinforcement phase, reinforced concrete pouring stairs according to the design and construction of stairs by brick.
  • Installation and installation of conduit box for connecting wires for wires, telephone wires, internet cables, video cable (Not include LAN for office, lightning protection systems, copper pipes for air conditioning, 03 phase electric system).
  • Installation and installation of sound water drainage system (excluding solar power). Construction of waterproofing, WC, terrace …

Supplies used in the raw

  • (Use commercial concrete or concrete mixed on site depending on construction conditions)

  • Steel: Vietnamese Japanese Sand, stone in accordance with construction standards in Vietnam.

  • Building brick: Tuyen Binh Duong brick 8x18cm

  • Cement: Holcim for concrete, Ha Tien for construction work

  • Wires: Cadivi, Taya or equivalent. Antenna wire, telephone, ADSL: Sino or equivalent.

  • Hose, chicken coil, junction box, solenoid: Sino or equivalent. Hot and cold water supply: Binh Minh (PPR)

  • Water drainage: Binh Minh (PVC) Waterproofing: Silka (or Flinkote)


Contractor category only provides Workers

  • Tiling and flooring (floor surfaces and toilets).

  • Bricklaying, decorative stone, not including granite, mable.

  • Waterproofing (mattit, primer and finishing).

  • Installation of sanitary ware (lavabo, toilet bowl and accessories).

  • Installation of electrical and lighting systems (sockets, switches, light bulbs).

  • Hygienic works before handover.


Build any system

  • Over 350m2 with good conditions of construction: + 0%
  • Over 350m2 in the alley, in the market / under 300m2: Specific survey

Calculating the reference construction coefficient

a. Foundation:

Piling foundation BT floor: 50% Foundation, foundation not poured concrete ground: 50% Foundation basement is poured concrete ground: 65%

b. Basement:

(calculated separately for foundation) The depth of 1.5m is 135% The depth of 1.5m is 150% The depth of 2m is 180%

c. Floors:

less than 4m2 as normal floor / over 4m2, 70%

d. Balcony:

70% closed balcony and 50% open balcony

e. Roof tiles (including special roof and tile roof):

85% flat area + inclination coefficient (usually 30%)

f. Tile roof with dedicated roof + tile: 60% + tilt coefficient

g. Garden:

Less than 40m2 with concrete poured, fence walls: 70% Over 40m2 without concrete, with fence walls: 50% Note: Other factors: The house has an elevator: 5% of the whole area High-rise buildings, from the 4th floor (excluding ground floor) + 7% / floor, from the 7th floor 12% / floor High density building, many WC, hotel: + 15% extra / fl