Process of construction

Process of signing construction contract

1 Quotation construction

1.Price quotation according to the construction area (calculated according to the construction coefficient).

2. Price quotation according to volume estimate (according to the technical design dossier).

Values ​​according to quotations are equal to the construction area calculated on the Construction Permits or preliminary drawings approved by the two parties.

Tho Quang Phat’s price quoted price includes 10% VAT for labor at the unit price set by the government, but not including 10% VAT of the value of construction materials, this unit provides It is responsible for issuing the invoice to the investor (plus VAT if applicable).

2 Construction contract

Construction contract is a form stipulated by the company, the lawyer’s office based on the interests and responsibilities of the parties, customers please do not modify the content (except the clause on items made more).

Please read and calculate carefully before signing the contract, to preview the sample contract, please contact by email after .

After agreeing the price and method of construction, the two sides will sign the construction contract for implementation. The contract value may increase or decrease depending on the area of ​​production or when the volume changes, the unit price does not change during the implementation of the contract.

Where the aim is to keep the price and arrange the construction team, the customer and the company can sign before the construction contract (not more than 3 months). Customers will have to advance the amount of 20% of the total value of the contract at the time of signing to order materials and design work (for customers who do not have design drawings). The contract value will not change until the work is completed.

Tho Quang Phat provides comprehensive services including Construction Permit / Ground Breaking Notification / Construction Organization / Supervisor Organization … Tho Quang Phat is also responsible for the purchase of Workers’ Compensation Insurance for third parties …

The process of implementing a specific project

Preparation phase

  • Announce the construction work to the local authorities in writing, inform the neighboring households, taking pictures of the status of adjacent works.
  • Signboard works (including 4 boards as prescribed: signboards, construction rules, labor safety, warnings of works).
  • Preparation of ground, borrowing pavement, preparation of electricity sources, water sources for construction.
  • Installation of gates / fences according to company standards.
  • To prepare construction design dossiers as a technical basis for construction.
  • Position the work, determine the standard altitude.
  • Prepare labor / prepare the raw material supply process.

Stage of foundation and underground works

Digging of foundation pit / pouring concrete foundation

Installation of foundation / reinforced concrete / foundation pouring, anchoring moment, brace

Excavation of soil, composting pits, manholes, basins with sound tanks of card brick

3 Phase of construction of the body, roof

Installation of steel columns / Column construction / Column concrete

Wall covering / Shielding works by technique

Installation of beam formwork / Installation of reinforced beam, floor.

Installation of technical piping system to the floor.

Concrete beams, floors.

Build walls, stairs.

Installation of electricity, water wall.

Ceiling, plastered walls, outside walls.

Waterproofing floor tiles and open floor.

4 Finishing phase

Ceiling paint, interior and exterior walls, door paint.

Paving, paving, stone decoration …

Installation of electrical equipment, water, lighting

Wood furniture installation (if any)

Work sanitation, complete repair

Warranty / maintenance process

Technical Warranty

The warranty period is 3 years from the completion of the work.

During the warranty period, if there is a problem of technical failure (not warranty materials), please notify by phone or contact directly to the company. Within 48 hours the company will send people to survey at the site, identify the cause and have a repair plan.

Beautiful Space Company organizes the construction, self-supplying materials in the raw, technical supervision, ensuring labor safety for all items of the work, commitment not to sell the contractor.